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 The Happy Sage Recommended Products Directory

The  best natural health, wellbeing, skincare & beauty products - tested, reviewed and recommended by The Happy Sage 

 These are the products that have been tested and reviewed and have made it into the hall of fame by qualifying for The Happy Sage 'Recommended Products Directory'. In this directory you will find a lot of 'clean beauty' brands as well as products for natural health and well-being.

Not all products that are tested and reviewed are good enough to make it into the Recommended Products Directory. You will find many product reviews that have been carried out where I have found issues that mean they don't make it this far, although being natural products they can sometimes be used for other purposes and work quite well, for instance a dreadful face scrub made a wonderful hand scrub and an awful drying eye cream made a fantastic tightening neck cream!
Scroll through to check out the products that I recommend and click on the product if you want to read the product review or the article where they have been used.

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