A review of Presto Ground Espresso Blend, Presto Colombian Instant Coffee and Presto Decaf Roast Coffee Bags - Barista Grade

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In this article I'm reviewing three products from ethical coffee company, Presto Coffee. Their ground House Espresso Blend, the new Colombian Instant Coffee and the Decaf Roast Coffee Bags.

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I love coffee, but sadly coffee doesn't love me as I am caffeine sensitive. I usually drink decaf but have found that I can manage some caffeine when it is from a good quality brand.

Coffee is one of the most traded products in the world, but the good news is that more and more consumers are demanding certified products to ensure environmentally sustainable farming practices and decent prices for farmers.

Presto Coffee

Based in the UK, Presto Coffee had been on my radar for a while. Their coffee is roasted in small batches 2 - 3 times a week and then, after a short time out to breathe, is sent out to customers.

They work closely with sustainably-recognised farmers, ethically source their beans and have environmentally friendly packaging.

Currently, their coffee bags and carbon coffee are Rainforest Alliance certified and they are moving all their range over to RFA certification. The RFA audit coffee farms on an annual basis for biodiversity, conservation, community and workers rights and help ensure that coffee farmers grow in harmony with nature.

Presto Coffee are also part of '1% for the Planet', donating 15% of sales revenue to non-profit environmental charities. So, buying from Presto is a good way of getting your money spread about the planet for good causes too, but none of this matters unless it tastes good - so how did the products rate?

Review of Presto espresso blend ground coffee

I bought the 227g tin which is reusable as a rather smart container for any refills.

The Espresso Blend is rated as a 4 out of 6 for strength. It is 100% ground Latin American coffee beans and is said to have notes of almond and dark chocolate.

You need 1 tablespoon of coffee per cup and then allow it to brew for 3 - 4 minutes. I made mine in a cafetiere (not under pressure in a machine) and had it with almond milk.

The coffee is smooth and full bodied and tastes quite strong. It has a deep flavour and quite a caffeine kick. It is not bitter at all, which is one of the things you can get from some stronger coffees, and it scored well with the family too.

Review of Presto Colombian instant coffee

As I write, The Independent newspaper has just voted this coffee 'Best Overall Instant Coffee 2021'.

Instant coffees can be watery and lacking in both taste and bite but this new product from Presto Coffee promises barista quality coffee with 100% washed Arabica coffee beans and it's made from a premium instant coffee with 10% finely ground beans.

I used a heaped teaspoon of coffee, hot water and organic semi skimmed milk in this and then tried it again with almond milk and in both cases it was really good. It's quite strong for an instant coffee but in a good way, plenty of flavour and it gives a good caffeine kick. It really deserves the Independent newspaper award. Also tested by a Uni student who was also impressed. Apparently students don't get time to make real coffee....

One of my favourite ways of using this is to add some to a cafetiere of decaf coffee to give a tiny bit of a caffeine and a taste boost, which works really well for me as I can control the caffeine content.

Review of Presto decaff coffee bags - barista grade

I love a good decaf coffee but there are too many around that lack any taste or depth, and I've tried a few!

I have used coffee bags before and they are quite useful and easy to take out with you when you are travelling or out for the day. There are 40 coffee bags in a fully recyclable storage bag and more importantly they are mountain water processed, this is the process by which they are decaffeinated. A lot of decaf brands use chemical solvents in their processing to remove caffeine and I avoid these as I prefer a naturally processed product.

Just pop a bag in a mug and fill with boiling water. Leave for about 5 minutes and then squeeze the bag against the side of the cup for a bit extra.

The Presto Decaf Coffee Bags are actually very good. Quite strong for a coffee bag product, and they have plenty of taste. I used an almond milk with it so it was quite dark (how I like it) and I have also tried it black and it performed well on both occasions.

Presto coffee subscriptions

You can also subscribe to Presto Coffee and get a regular order delivered straight to your door. No more running out of great coffee! The other great thing is that you can pause, increase, decrease and change your coffee selections at the drop of a hat within your account so you are not stuck into any sort of contact. Check out details for Presto Coffee subscriptions!

Presto Coffee overall review

I'm really happy with both the brand and the 3 products that I tested. the blend, flavour and quality were really good and I love the sustainability and ethical credentials the company has. I truly love supporting small companies who are really trying to make a difference and will be buying more from Presto Coffee.

They sell a full range of products from beans and ground coffee through to cold brew, decaf coffee bags and nespresso compatible capsules. It would be a great product to buy and put in a reusable cup instead of buying a daily coffee if you are looking to save money but still want great taste.

They also give 15% off to Uni Students - just register your student status with Student Beans to access the discount!

The ground House Espresso Blend is £5.99 for a 227g tin, the Colombian Instant Coffee is £6.99 for a 100g tin and the Decaf Roast Coffee Bags are £11.99 for 40 bags.

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