A review of Green People Age Defy+ Liquid Gold Tanning Drops

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I love to have a slight 'sun kissed' tan all the year round if possible. I feel it makes me look less washed out and tired, especially during the winter months. Whilst finding a fake tan for sensitive body skin hasn't been too difficult, I have found it harder to get a good fake tan for older facial skin. Some of them can be quite drying and not all are suitable for my sensitive skin.

All this changed recently when I got my hands on the new Green People Liquid Gold Tanning Drops. These face tanning drops were just what I had been looking for. A serum type product that could be mixed with any moisturiser to create a natural self tan product, but with control over the depth of the colour.


The Brand: Green People

Based in West Sussex, Green People have been going since 1997 and since then the company has won over 140 awards. It is still a family business and continues to hold product performance and ethical standards at the forefront of everything they do.

The Product: Green People Liquid Gold Tanning Drops

The face tanning drops are part of the Age Defy+ signature range by Green People founder Charlotte Vohtz, designed for women aged 35+.

The 30ml product comes in a glass bottle with a dropper top. The tanning drops themselves are just slightly thicker than water, are pale amber in colour and scent free with a fairly neutral smell.

Green People Liquid Gold Tanning Drops - Ingredients


The tanning drops formula also contains ingredients to help improve the skin such as seaweed to help smooth and firm and green tea to protect from free radicals and environmental damage.

How do Tanning Drops work?

The Green People Liquid Gold Tanning Drops work by using DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and erythrulose (sugar based compounds) which react with the cells on the surface of the skin to darken them.

How Long does it take the Tanning Drops to Work?

I mix my tanning drops into the moisturiser that I wear overnight and wake up to a sun kissed look about 8 hours later, although the product details advise that the product develops in 12 to 24 hours.

Green People Liquid Gold Tanning Drops - How to Use Them

For the face just add between 1 and 5 drops to your favourite moisturiser. The tanning drops are easy to dispense and mix well with all the natural moisturisers I have tried. Remember to avoid the lips when applying.

Beauty Tip
To get the best from a product such as this exfoliate your skin first to provide the optimum base for the ingredients to work on. It will also help your fake tan last longer.

Overall Review - Green People Liquid Gold Tanning Drops - Do They Work?

I started with 2 drops but didn't see much of a difference. The next night I upped this to 4 drops and got my perfect self tan colour and no biscuit smell!

I adjust the dosage each night to keep the same level of tan if I don't want it to wear off. On testing, one 4 drop application lasted about 4 - 5 days and as you are only using a few drops a time the bottle lasts ages.

You can also add the tanning drops to a body lotion and use it as a natural self tanner on the body. There are other good products available for the body and I think it would be harder to ensure you got the same shade everywhere on a larger area. I also think it would be more costly to use the drops than buying a natural fake body tanner, although the tanning drops could be useful to use for this purpose when travelling though.

Green People Liquid Gold Tanning Drops are absolutely perfect as a facial self tanner for those with a fair or pale skin due to the colour intensity control.

They are also brilliant for mature skin because of the extra ingredients the product contains to help smooth, firm and protect the skin and the non drying formula.

This is the best facial fake tan for sensitive skin that I have found so far. I have had no reactions to it and I can control the intensity of the colour easily meaning I can use it all year round. I also love the fact I can mix it with any moisturiser and have not found the formula to be drying at all.

This is definitely going to be a staple in my bathroom cabinet but just remember that no matter how dark you go, you do not have any sun protection from your fake tan and the product itself contains no SPF at all if you are using the product during the day and going out in the sun.

Green People Age Defy+ Liquid Gold Tanning Drops come in a 30ml bottle and cost £35. They are 85.3% organic, vegan and cruelty free.

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