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UK's top natural product ingredient suppliers for your cosmetic & skincare products business

On this page you will find details of some of the UK's top natural product ingredient suppliers who sell the raw natural ingredients that you will need to set up your homemade natural skincare and beauty products business. Why not check out the guide to Starting Your Online Business? 


Have a look at the Equipment & Containers page that tells you what equipment you might need if you are just starting, and also has details of equipment, container and packaging suppliers. Lots more information on Cosmetic CertificationBranding & Design, Legal Pages for Websites and Online Marketing pages too!


Raw Material Natural Ingredient Suppliers

There are a lot of natural ingredient suppliers in the UK and I have listed some of them here (in no particular order), but the list is not exhaustive. A lot of the ingredient suppliers also sell bottles and containers too so it's worth checking them all out and keep a list of what they all sell.

You can use these suppliers for ordering ingredients for your homemade skincare products.


If you are going to start your own natural skincare and beauty products business then you should be applying for a wholesale account, or a discount structure based on the amount you spend.

Buying Essential Oils Online

The performance of your products will rely on the purity of your raw ingredients, especially the essential oils. Do not try and save money by buying cheap essential oils. When you are starting out there are a number of things to watch out for when you are buying essential oils online.

Essential Oils Buying Guide - Checklist


  • The best essential oils are organic or wild harvested

  • The bottle should either be a dark colour or it should come in a container which protects it from the light.

  • The label on the essential oil should also state the INCI ( (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient) name

  • The label should show the expiry date for the essential oil (it may also show a distillation date)

  • The label or website should show details of the country of origin for the essential oil

  • Consider the price of the oil. A very cheap price will probably be reflected in the poor quality of the essential oil

NHR Organic Oils




Bay House Aromatics


Natural by Nature


Wild as the Wind






Mystic Moments UK


Naissance UK 

( - their wholesale site is

New Directions UK


Soap Kitchen 


Soapmakers Store


The Soapery 



Quinessence Aromatherapy 


Shea Butter Cottage

( - not just shea butter



Garden of Life UK


The Oils Company


Organic Cosmetic Ingredient Suppliers UK

Many of the above companies sell organic raw ingredients for making natural cosmetic and skincare products but the two main ones are NHR Organic Oils for oils and essential oils and Aromantic, who sell just about everything you could need but not all ingredients have organic versions available.


You can sometimes find really good organic versions of ingredients at other suppliers so it's well worth taking your time to look through all the supplier websites to get yourself acquainted with what they sell. For instance, Shea Butter Cottage sells some organic oils and butters.  

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