Branding & Design for your natural skincare & beauty products business

On this page you will find useful details on branding and design to help you in setting up a homemade natural skincare and beauty products business.


Also take a look at the EQUIPMENT & CONTAINERS page that tells you what equipment you might need if you are just starting, and also has details of equipment and container suppliers. More useful information on the INGREDIENT SUPPLIERS, COSMETIC CERTIFICATION, LEGAL PAGES FOR WEBSITES and ONLINE MARKETING pages. 

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Branding & Design

When it comes to designing your own natural skincare brand the sky is the limit these days. You could get a graphic designer to help you but it's so easy to design your own logo and branding style. The world's easiest design tool for creating a logo is CANVA.  And it's free!


You can create absolutely everything you need for your business with this really easy drag and drop tool. Simply create a free account online and play about with all the tools, it's so easy to learn!


With the free account you get access to 200,000 stock photos and templates for just about anything you can think of. Website photos, graphics, blogs, presentations, marketing, printed goods and social media platforms. You can even post your eye-catching social media posts direct from Canva!


You can do a massive amount with the free tool and that may be just enough for you. However, the free photos do tend to be seen more on the internet and some great features are not included (compare Canva free plan v pro plan).


To get the most out of Canva you can upgrade to the Canva Pro plan. Start one with a free 30 day trial to see how you how get on. This gives you access to 2 million photos and lets you set up your brand colours, designs and fonts for starters.


There are so many more features on the Canva Pro plan if you really serious about taking your business places. 


Once you have your branding and logo sorted then try some of the following companies for extra sales, marketing and branding materials. 

The English Stamp Company (


Custom made stamps that you can use for logos on packaging, business cards, bags, tags and wrapping paper, the ideas are limitless if you want to create your own look. 

Moo (

Postcards, leaflets, stickers, cards, advertising materials, notebooks and all sorts of ideas for your own branding and marketing.

Printed Labels & Stickers

You can get some really good stickers from but they are limited in size, but if you can work around the sizes they are easy to use and the quality is excellent.

A lot of product stickers come at a very high price, but you don't have to pay an absolute fortune to get high end printing services. Try Sticky Things ( Sticky Things do a huge range of printed labels and stickers, and are great for skincare and cosmetic products. They do a range of options including waterproof (important for products that will be used in damp environments or which contain oily ingredients) as well as eco-friendly ones. You just build a custom label, load the artwork and order all online. You can also re-order a previous design at the touch of a button.

You can also design and print your own labels on Canva.

Printing Your Own Labels

Not recommended for homemade skincare products that you wish to sell professionally, but if you are making them for yourself or friends and family and you have a decent printer you could try Label Planet ( 

Label Planet supply A4 sheets of blank labels for use with laser and inkjet printers and have a massive range, including waterproof and high adhesive.

What Label Planet stickers can be really good for is your BBE (best before end date) stickers. These usually go underneath your products so just select the right sized sticker and you can print your own BBE and batch labels. You can also download FREE label templates for printing them on your own printer.

If printing your own BBE labels, be sure to order some clear plastic labels just a fraction larger than the labels you are going to print on. Once you have affixed your BBE label on your product, cover it with a clear plastic one to protect it. If you don't do this it is likely that as soon as it gets wet the print will smudge or the label will fall off. 

Alternatively, design your own labels on Canva using the templates provided. You can easily change the background and the colours and designs to suit your products.

Personalised Branding & Styling


You can really go to town on your product designs with the type of containers you use and the label designs. You can also get creative on how they are presented and wrapped.


If you sell at shows and events, Khadi Papers ( have some interesting products. Have a look at their 'Wrapping' section in the shop for a beautiful range of coloured bags, tags, gift wrap and hemp string. All produced with environmentally sound processes.

You could use some of these products with a stamp from The English Stamp Company (see above under Branding) to create your own unique products.