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Running an Online Business Guide

Whether you want to start a natural skincare business or another type of online business - then read on!  


There are many reasons why people want to set up a business from home, problems with caring for dependents, the cost of childcare or perhaps to have a better work - life balance.


Setting up an online business can be a great way to try to work around family responsibilities, and you can grow the business as your responsibilities lessen over time.  

a woman sat in a chair with a lap top thinking with the text online business above her head

You want to start your own business but you are in one of two positions. Either, you have your business idea but are not sure how to get started, or you know you want to run an online business but are just not sure what your business will be yet


Whichever camp you fall in to, the Starting Your Online Business Guide can help!  

Whether you want a small kitchen table business or aim to build a larger limited company, this guide will give you useful information on the steps you need to take to get your business set up. 34 pages with tasks and checklists to help you plan, as well as a bonus section of 20 business niche ideas!

If you have already started your online business and want to increase sales, then take a look at the Growing Your Online Business Guide,

Did you also know that if you run your own business from your home you may also be able to claim some expenses back against any tax that you have to pay? For a personal up to date overview of your situation you should contact a qualified account for further advice.

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