Running a Cosmetic or Skincare Business from Home

If you would like to start a business from home and have an interest in natural health and skincare, then you've come to the right place! 

There are many reasons why people want to set up a business from home, problems with caring for dependents, the cost of childcare or perhaps to have a better work - life balance.

Setting up a business selling natural cosmetic or skincare products that you have made yourself is a great idea for a low cost start-up home based business. 

Guide to Setting Up Your Natural Cosmetic or Skincare Business from Home

If you are passionate about natural and organic beauty products and are looking to set up your own business and work from home, then starting a natural skincare, beauty or cosmetic products business could be just the thing for you!

As a first step go through the online skincare business course! This will give you all the information you need to get off to a flying start, and will also help you realise exactly what is involved in setting up a natural skincare business.

More and more people are beginning to look for natural skincare and cosmetics and well researched and developed natural skincare can work just as well, if not even better, than mainstream cosmetic products. They are better for the skin and better for the planet too! Take a look at some of the ingredients you should avoid in skincare and beauty products or an article that tells you all about clean beauty.

You may have made some of your own skincare products already and possibly been on a course, but even if you have never made any natural skincare products at all and are just starting, then don't worry, there is plenty of helpful advice and information on this website for you no matter what stage you are at. 


There are countless publications available giving advice on how to make natural skincare products, but this website will help you understand what is involved in creating, setting up and running a natural skincare business and will give you an idea of what issues may be involved along the way.

Free Online Skincare Business Course


If you want to dive straight in, go through the free online Skincare Business Course which contains lots of information on setting up and running a natural skincare and beauty products business.


Then take a look at the Brand & Go natural skincare product recipe e-books. These are for a range of products that were developed and previously sold commercially. All you need to do is get them cosmetically certified in your name (or that of your business), make and brand them with your business logo and sell them!

If you want to start to develop your own natural skincare range take a look at the homemade skincare recipes and tailor them to your own preferences for your business, or just use them yourself!


Whether you want a small kitchen table business or aim to build a larger limited company, this website will give you useful information, strategies and tips on a whole range of issues that you might not even have thought of so you can be better prepared to set up your own business.

I have been working with natural health and creating skincare products for over 40 year. I ran a small natural skincare business and won four awards for my products, plus a place to exhibit at The Business Design Centre in London. 

I had a lot of fun on my journey and met many wonderful people during my time developing and selling natural skincare products. I am sharing my knowledge on this website to help other aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to set up and run a business from home, but are either not sure where to start or need information on certain topics. 

Just check out the Frequently Asked Questions section below or browse the 'Your Skincare Business' tab in the menu options.

I hope this website will help you along your way to your own successful natural skincare business.

Did you also know that if you run your own business from your home you may also be able to claim some expenses back against any tax that you have to pay? For a personal up to date overview of your situation you should contact a qualified account for further advice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to sell homemade skincare products?

The good news is that you can sell your homemade skincare products as long as each individual product has a CPSR (cosmetic product safety report). You will also have to comply with a few more regulations on labelling and good manufacturing practice (how you make your skincare products), and register each product that you sell on the GB Cosmetics Notification Portal.

None of this is as complex as it sounds! Find out about the laws on selling homemade beauty products in the UK.

What are the different types of certificates that I need to sell natural skincare products?

It can be a bit confusing but you only need one type of certificate for each natural skincare product that you want to sell. The problem is that it gets called by many different names in the UK but they are all the same thing. Each product that you want to sell needs to have a CPSR. This stands for Cosmetic Product Safety Report. This report also goes by different descriptions such as Cosmetic Certification, Cosmetic Safety Assessments, CPSR Certification and Cosmetic Assessment. They are all the same thing. Find out all you need to know about getting CPSR's along with a list of recommended cosmetic chemists in the UK.

I read that I need a Cosmetic Safety Assessment before I can sell my homemade skincare products, what is this?

A cosmetic safety assessment (or CPSR - cosmetic product safety report) is a document that will be prepared by a qualified cosmetic chemist or assessor and it will confirm that the cosmetic or skincare product that you want to sell complies with all the necessary cosmetic regulations within the UK. Find out about the UK legislation for starting a cosmetics business.

Do I need a CPSR to sell on Etsy?

Yes, you need a CPSR (cosmetic product safety report) for each and every different product you sell, no matter where you sell them. For instance, if you have five lip balms and they each have the same base recipe but each one has different essential oils in them (ie peppermint, orange etc) then you will need five different CPSR's. 

However, as the five lip balms are all basically the same ingredients apart from the essential oils you can get your CPSR's for a cheaper price - see details on cosmetic safety assessment prices in the UK.

I'm only selling to friends and family, I don't need cosmetic safety assessments do I?


Yes you do. It doesn't matter who you are selling to, if you are selling cosmetic products in the UK each product must have a cosmetic product safety report. 

I want to set up my own business and work from home but will I need to go on a course to learn how to make skincare products?

Going on a course is one way of getting started selling your own skincare products from home, but it really depends on what type of products you are interested in making and how much development and research you want to do.

Courses tend to concentrate on the development and manufacture of the products, which is great if that is something that you really want to get in to. If you want to get started right away with a product range that has had a lot of research put in to it and previously sold commercially (and some of the products won awards), then take a look at the e-books on skincare recipes to get you started. Just get the products cosmetically certified, brand them and off you go!

You should also go through the FREE Online Skincare Business Course. This will give you lots of advice and information on setting up and running your natural skincare business and covers topics such as deciding on your products range and target market, good manufacturing process, selling and marketing your products and much more.

Once you have a product or two up and selling you can expand your product range and your business either by going on a course or by learning about product research and developing your own products.

It may be a good idea to try a few skincare recipes out to see how you get on and how much you enjoy doing it first. Try making some luxury body oils with the DIY Body Oil recipe for friends and family and see how you get on!