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Homemade DIY natural skincare recipes

How to make skincare products to sell

On this page you will find a growing collection of free recipes for DIY homemade natural skincare, cosmetic and beauty products.


These are recipes for skincare products which all passed through the research and development stage for effectiveness. 

You can make them for yourself, friends or family or you can use them as a base to develop your own cosmetic or skincare products to sell in your business.

If want to set up your own business why not try the guide to Starting Your Online Business - if you don't want to start a natural skincare business it has 20 bonus business niche ideas if you need inspiration! 


There is loads of information on this site to help you create your own products and run your own business. Have a look at the Equipment & Containers page that tells you what equipment you might need if you are just starting. Find out all about cosmetic certification for your products on the Cosmetic Certification page and take a look at Branding & Design, Legal Pages for Websites and Online Marketing too!


Natural DIY Skincare Recipes

New recipes will be added to this page over time, so don't forget to check back! Also have a look at the Equipment page for a list of equipment that you might need to get started making your own natural skincare products - you won't need all of it to start off with. Make sure you get some accurate scales and if you are using vitamin e in recipes the easiest way to measure it is with a disposable syringe if you are using the pure form (which is thick and sticky).

You can also use these recipes to play about with and develop your own products to use or to sell.

  1. EPIC EYE OIL RECIPE - a fabulous daily eye oil to lift and firm, improve elasticity and help reduce to look of fine lines and wrinkles

  2. HARDCORE LIP PROTECTOR & REPAIR WAX RECIPE - a heavy duty lip protector for cold or dry conditions which also helps nourish and repair sore or damaged lips (contains no sunscreen)

  3. SCAR OIL RECIPE - this oil is fantastic for helping to regenerate the skin of scars. It is best used as soon as the wound has fully healed and closed and there is no infection. Over time the oil helps scars fade however results are dependent upon age and the health of the user. You can go a long way to help by not smoking or vaping during treatment and ensuring that you eat enough good quality protein in your diet, along with vitamin C and iron. You may also find that a collagen supplement may also help. Check out my article on collagen - it tells you all about the different types and some of the various products I have reviewed.

  4. SUPER YOUTH FACE ELIXIR RECIPE - this is the most opulent and luxurious facial oil, and one of my personal favourites. Containing a host of beneficial essential oils such as helichrysum (everlasting), frankincense, elemi and myrrh to name but a few, it improves skin condition and elasticity and helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

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