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How to Start a Cosmetic or Natural Skincare Business 


How to sell homemade cosmetic or skincare products

DIY Skincare & Beauty Product Recipes

Start your homemade skincare and beauty products business off with a bang with the Setting Up Your Skincare Business Guide.

To launch your own business quickly, take a look at the Brand & Go range of products, simply get them certified in your own name and sell them!


Take a look at the free DIY Skincare Recipes for recipes you can sell or develop further into your own products or the Recommended Products section to get inspiration on what different types of products you could make yourself!

For more information on what you need to do to sell your natural skincare product legally, have a look at the Cosmetic Certification page.

Thinking of selling your natural skincare products online? Then take a look at the Legal Pages for Websites page to make sure that your website is legally compliant. 

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How to create your own cosmetic line or skincare brand 

First of all check out the Setting Up Your Skincare Business Guide. This will help you get your new venture off to a flying start!

Also, the pages on Ingredient Suppliers which gives you help in finding natural cosmetic ingredient suppliers and the Equipment & Containers page. The Cosmetic Certification & Insurance page explains what you have to do to be able to sell your skincare products legally in the UK, as well as providing details of cosmetic chemists and specialist insurance companies.  

The Branding & Design can help you find the tools to create stunning logos, sales and marketing literature, unique packaging and eye-catching social media posts as well as other ideas to help your business

If you are going to sell online then you want to make sure that your website is legally compliant. Check out the Legal Pages for Websites page for more information on cookie policies, privacy policies, copyright, GDPR, terms & conditions, disclosures & disclaimers and much more!

If you want to boost your online presence and sales then take a look at the Online Marketing page.

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