Marketing Cosmetics & Skincare & Products 

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How to sell and market your cosmetic & skincare products

There are a lot of ways that you can sell and market your homemade natural skincare and beauty products, and there will be more information on this in the FREE ONLINE SKINCARE BUSINESS COURSE. Two obvious ways to work online are via social media or selling on your own website.


Selling on Social Media


There are loads of social media outlets these days, so which ones do you use? It will very much depend on your target market for your products so you need to do some research on what social media channels the age groups you are selling to use most. This is fairly easy to do, just Google 'Pinterest User Data by Age' and you will get THESE USEFUL RESULTS. Try it for other social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube and see where your target audience hangs out the most.

If you decide to use Pinterest then you can get a great FREE ONLINE COURSE ON HOW TO USE PINTEREST to help get you started. If you find you get on well with Pinterest, there are also some advanced courses too, but stick with the free one to get started and learn about how Pinterest works. You can create some fabulous pins in a free tool called Canva and you can find out all about how to get this free tool on the BRANDING & DESIGN page.

How to Sell Cosmetic & Skincare Products Online


If you do decide to sell online then one thing that you really need to start to learn in the early days is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is all about how to design your website, the pages on it and the content that you write for your business, so that Google knows exactly what you do and what you sell.

Cosmetic & Skincare Product SEO


For instance if someone types the query 'natural lavender hand cream for dry skin' into Google and you sell such a product, you want to be on page 1 of the Google search engine results page (SERP) that comes up. That way you are more likely to get people to click on your business details, get through to your website and buy your products. 

Getting your SEO right is so important because you can drive traffic to your website for free via Google, giving you time to concentrate on some of the other methods of generating customers for your business. SEO is not hard to learn and once you get the hang of it you will stand a good chance of being able to get your website pages ranking on Google. Read on to find out all about SEO courses that are suitable for skincare and beauty product businesses!



MASTERING ON-PAGE SEO by Stephen Hockman of SEO Chatter is a premium SEO training course for online business owners and would be a brilliant start for you if you are selling skincare or beauty products online and need to learn all about SEO.


It has 30+ videos which include over 6.5 hours of proven SEO strategies to help you rank higher on Google as fast as possible.

All of the videos are topic specific, and short enough that you don't get totally overwhelmed whilst still giving you all you need to know to set your website pages and content up the right way.

The course covers:


  • meta titles, tags and descriptions

  • keywords

  • URL's

  • domains, sub-domains, folders and pages

  • header tags and H2 - H6 tags

  • content optimisation

  • images

  • link text


If you have already tried optimising your website for SEO then take a look at the details for the FREE SEO training video below and the Advanced SEO Course.



If you have your website all set up with your homepage, about page, contact page, all the NECESSARY LEGAL PAGES and all your products in your online shop, then congratulations! Hopefully you have set them all up and written the content with SEO in mind to drive traffic to your website! If you are not too sure about this - check out the Mastering On-Page SEO course above!


An additional way to drive traffic to your site and also to give you content to post on your social media accounts, is to set up a blog on your website.


This means that you can post about what you are doing with your business, how you develop and create your natural skincare and beauty products, photos of you making your products or attending shows and events when you are selling - the content ideas are endless.


Every blog post that you write has an opportunity to get ranked on Google and drive traffic to your website, potentially increasing your sales. You can also post details of each blog post on all your social media accounts with a link to your website.


You should also be aiming to collect the names and email addresses of everyone who visits your site. Having an e-mail list is an invaluable tool, it means you can send out details of your new products, offers and discounts and even your new blog posts, and all to people who you know are already interested in what you sell. Remember though that if you are collecting names and addresses you will need a Privacy Policy on your website - but don't worry about that - just check out the details on the LEGAL PAGES FOR WEBSITES page to see how easy it is to make sure your website is legally compliant!


If you already have your website AND your blog set up but either aren't getting the results you hoped for or really want to get to the next level with your website traffic, then I recommend you take a look at STUPID SIMPLE SEO course by Mike Futia. This is a really detailed in-depth SEO course specifically set up to help you drive traffic to your blog, but will also help you drive traffic to the rest of your website too, for instance your shop. 

If you are interested in getting to the next level with traffic from Google then I suggest doing Mike's FREE VIDEO SEO COURSE first where he will show you how you can increase your Google traffic in less than an hour! This FREE SEO TRAINING will explain just why SEO is so important and powerful and how you can improve your website content to rank high on Google. You've nothing to lose by doing this FREE SEO COURSE for your natural skincare business, and a lot to learn!