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A review of Inika Organic's Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid

The Happy Sage purchased this product.

a pump bottle of inika organic liquid foundation and packaging box photographed in a rural garden setting

Foundation for sensitive skin

Despite having super sensitive skin I still love to wear make-up and these days I don't have any reactions to products at all, thanks to the high quality of most of the natural make-up products out there.

Gone are the days when getting a decent coverage from a natural product was just about impossible and now I am spoilt for choice with the amount of well performing natural liquid foundations on the market. Depending on what mood I am in and the time of year, I will either wear a tinted moisturiser, a mineral powder foundation or a liquid foundation.

During autumn and winter I tend to wear a liquid foundation as they are a little more moisturising if my skin is dry and one of my favourites is from Inika Organic.

Natural foundation

When looking for a natural foundation I want gentle ingredients that won't cause a reaction on my skin. In the case of a liquid foundation I want it to apply smoothly without going patchy, have reasonably good staying power and a medium coverage. If I want a lighter coverage I'll use a tinted moisturiser (especially in summer) or a mineral powder foundation.

Inika Organic UK

Inika is an Australian company but have a UK website which is easy to use. They have won over 40 awards and were voted Organic Beauty Awards' Best Skincare Brand 2020.

You can order a small test kit for light, medium or dark skin tones to try out the shades of liquid and powder make-up. I have previously ordered their foundation sample pack and use their certified organic liquid foundation in Honey. Inika orders are delivered quickly (within a few days) in a rather up market looking fully recyclable black box with paper packaging.

All Inika products are cruelty free, certified organic and are suitable for vegans. They also have halal certification.

Inika Liquid Foundation with hyaluronic acid - review

The Inika foundation that I have used up until now is shown in the photograph above, but they have just launched their new packaging and the product now looks like this:

inika liquid foundation with hyaluronic acid in new fully recyclable aluminium packaging

The foundation comes in sustainable aluminium packaging and is available in a range of colours and in the summer I wear Honey. In the winter I sometimes go a shade lighter depending on whether or not I am lightly tanning my face with facial tanning drops (see my review of Green People's Tanning Drops).

You don't need much product for a smooth, even and fairly full coverage. If you want a more natural look you can either apply a barely there layer or use Inika Organic BB Cream pr Green People's Tinted Moisturiser (which also contains SPF15 and is available in Light and medium shades.

If you want the get the absolute perfect shade of foundation all the year year, no matter how much of a tan you have, whilst still using your favourite product, check out my post on The Perfect Shade of Foundation or Tinted Moisturiser.

One pump is usually all that is required. It applies well and doesn't dry too quickly as you are applying it (a pet hate of mine). I don't get any patchy coverage either but I pay particular attention to my base moisturiser underneath my foundation (see how to stop foundation going patchy).

I usually allow it 5 or so minutes to dry before I apply other makeup. It lasts well during the day although sometimes I'll need a top up on my T-zone in the afternoon depending on what I have been doing.

I find it gives a fairly full coverage and the colour blends well with my skin. It's very soft and creamy in consistency and lightweight to wear on the face. It manages to give a luminous and glowing finish but avoids looking shiny.

The added hyaluronic acid (which holds 1000 times its weight in water) helps enormously with plumping the skin and skin elasticity and I must say that it is one of the ingredients that I always look for in a natural liquid foundation these days. The foundation also contains argan oil which is a fabulous oil for regenerating and protecting the skin. Argan oil is what I recommend to help treat retinol burns on the skin if you have used a retinol product that is too strong, used it too often or have exfoliated your face after using a retinol based product. See my post on How to Treat a Retinol Skin Burn.

The addition of green tea is said to help calm irritation, repair damage and help reduce the signs of ageing.

Inika liquid foundation with hyaluronic acid is one of my favourite liquid foundatiions for performance, colour and application and a staple in my make-up bag. I love getting a make-up product that also acts as a skin treatment as well!

The foundation also contains a host of additional oils including rosehip, evening primrose, jojoba, avocado and Kakadu plum as well as geranium, ylang ylang, palmarosa, lavender and chamomile essential oils.

All in all it's a complete treat for your skin as well as being a brilliant foundation and I have had no reactions to it whatsoever, so great for sensitive skin.

Best base to use for natural make-up

Your best face base for any form of liquid foundation will be smooth and moisturised. I exfoliate regularly and can't recommend it enough. Your skin cell turnover slows down as you age and exfoliating sweeps away the dead skin cells and encourages healthy new ones, as well as boosting circulation. Read my article on the Benefits of Exfoliating for further information.

Given the fact that I have shall we say, 'mature' skin, I use a serum and a face oil under my liquid foundation. A lot of people think face oils are greasy, but properly developed they should not be. I use a dot of eye cream under each eye. I leave for about 5 minutes to sink in before I apply the foundation.

Patchy foundation

How to stop foundation going patchy

If you apply your foundation and get patchy or streaky results this is most likely a problem with your base and not your foundation. I frequently find that using a moisturiser just doesn't cut it when you want a perfect liquid foundation finish, I think sometimes it dries too quickly or sinks in too fast and the liquid foundation then goes patchy in places, won't spread evenly or streaks. Try using a face oil designed for your skin type as your base and you shouldn't have any problems. Just remember to put a small amount of oil into the palm of your hands, rub your hands together and PRESS your palms over your face. No rubbing or dragging please!

Inika Organic Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid £42 for 30ml, available in 6 shades,

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