Introduction to the Skincare Business Course

woman making natural skincare products for a small low cost start up business from homr
running a small, low cost start up business from home

Welcome to Part 1 of the online Skincare Business Course!

I'm so pleased that you are here and ready to read through some articles that can really help you as you start to make your plans for your new business! Even if you already have a business selling skincare or cosmetic products, take the time to read through the articles and see whether there is any information that can help you improve your growth and sales or improve your products or presentation!

So, you want to start a small, low cost start-up business from home and you are passionate about natural health and beauty and have decided that selling natural skincare and cosmetic products is what you want to do!

Congratulations - Creating your own line is so exciting!

There has never been a better time to start a green, natural or ethical business!

The good news is that retail research company Accenture have released a report on the changes that have happened to the retail market since the covid-19 pandemic, (New Retail Consumer Behaviour Habits) and it's great news for businesses that sell natural skincare and cosmetic products!

According to Accenture, the desire for green, natural, sustainable and ethical products has been gathering momentum.

In a recent study (2020 - 2021) Accenture found that 61% of consumers are consciously making environmentally friendly and green purchases and 89% of these people expect to keep up with this habit. There is an expanding market out there with 56% of consumers wanting to shop both locally at local shops, farmers markets and community based ventures. Shoppers are also looking on-line for authentic and artisan natural products.

The latest data from Accenture shows a massive 169% increase in e-commerce purchases from new or low frequency buyers who have started on-line shopping during the pandemic.

The internet and social media now mean that on-line stores can now reach a huge market if they have the right products at the right prices - there has never been a better time to start your natural skincare or cosmetic products business!

Getting your natural skincare or cosmetic business started

If you are like me then once you get an idea you just want to get on with it! Enthusiasm is all well and good and an essential part of running a business but this has to be curbed somewhat by making sure that you have thought the whole process through and that you are not rushing headlong into ordering stuff and making commitments (either financial or personal) that you find further down the line are either not suitable or even downright wrong.

Mega boring as this sounds, a little thought upfront really does pay dividends down the line. Not only are you likely to save yourself a heap of money but also time and possibly the frustration of having to do something twice. It also means that as you progress with your dreams you will have some planning and a structure to help you make decisions instead of having to make them on the hoof in a panic and without anything to base them on.

To get your natural skincare business plans started, go through all the articles in the online 'Skincare Business Course', making notes along the way . You may just want to skip ahead, but I would advise you not to miss any of the articles out as this will probably be where I am asking you to answer questions on a range of subjects such as your products and target markets. This is to make you think, and think hard about what you are developing and hoping to sell. You want to be making a profit and not wasting your time and money.

It would be useful to get yourself a special notepad or book just for your skincare business so that you can write down any ideas that come to you as you are reading, or as a reminder to look at some aspect of another product, business or advert you found interesting or appealing. I have found that the fabulous bursts of inspiration I often get are frequently obliterated by demanding children or sick animals so always have your notepad and a pen to hand to capture your brilliance before it disappears. It can be a good idea to leave it on the bedside table at night as well. My brain often comes up with a gem of an idea just as I am drifting off to sleep and even though I promise myself that I will remember it in the morning, I often only remember that I was supposed to remember something….

Throughout the website you will also find details of companies, websites and organisations that I think may be useful to use for research, so feel free to take the time to browse these as you never know what germ of an idea they may sow in you or additional information or new ingredients they may provide you with. Please note however that any product, website or company names mentioned on the website are the trademark or copyright properties of their respective owners nor does the referred product, website or company endorse or approve this website and its contents.

Running your Business Legally

Let me start up front by saying that if you have no intention of doing things right and doing them legally then this course is not for you. Ensuring that you comply with all rules and regulations not only protects your customers, it also protects you.

Doing it right and doing it legally is basically just being professional about your business and it applies to every area that you can think of from product development to employing other people if you need to. One of the first things that you need to think about is getting CPSR reports for all the natural skincare or cosmetic products that you are going to sell. Find out all about selling cosmetic products legally in the UK. It is illegal to sell cosmetic products without a CPSR and you need one for each different product.

You will also need to register each product that you have for sale on the GB Cosmetics Notification Portal with the Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS) however this is not difficult.

You may also want to consider taking out some form of insurance to protect yourself and your business. Find details of specialist skincare business insurance companies.

If you are going to sell from a website then you need to think about what legal pages you need to have - find out how to be legally compliant on your e-commerce website.

Although this course will give you a good overview of many areas that you need to consider when you are setting up and running your natural skincare business, it is no substitute for professional advice tailored to our particular circumstances. If you do not understand anything or have any concerns about the implications of your own personal circumstances, consult a professional, be it a cosmetic chemist, lawyer, accountant or other suitably qualified person.

Please also read our Legal page before starting the course.

Areas covered in the Skincare Business Course

There is a lot of information out there of how to make natural skincare and cosmetic products and you can find lots of free DIY recipes (although a note of caution, not all will be suitable to sell) and there are many paid courses you can take that will teach you how to formulate your products. You can also just start making products and teach yourself.

If you want to start your business straight away take a look at the BRAND & GO skincare product e-books. These are the formulations for natural skincare products that I used to sell - some have even won industry awards! Each formulation has been thoroughly researched to ensure that it works, and works well.

You can use these recipes to make your own products and then simply brand them with your own labels and sell them. You do need to get them cosmetically certified in your name or that of your business before selling them.

However, there isn't a lot of information out there on what things you need to think about when you are setting up a natural skincare or cosmetic products business and then actually running it.

On this website you can find details on Natural Ingredient Suppliers, Natural Skincare Equipment and Container Suppliers, Branding and Design and On-line Marketing for Natural Skincare Products.

In the course I will be covering areas such as:

  • how to decide which products you are going to sell

  • who you are going to sell to

  • additional certifications and accreditations

  • product development

  • natural v organic skincare products

  • making your products

  • where and how to sell your products

  • good manufacturing process

  • barcodes

  • marketing

  • free downloadable templates

  • and much more ....

So now it's time for you to crack on!

You can now move on to the next article - How to decide which products to sell.

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